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Info Greed is a movie starring Asa Butterfield, Isla Fisher, and Sophie Cookson. Satire about the world of the super-rich; Tomatometer 6,5 / 10; director Michael Winterbottom; release Year 2019; Cast Asa Butterfield; Runtime 1 hours, 44minute. Greedo 03. Greed and fu vs wrath. Green building. Greed quote. Greed lucas king. This is amazing! You inspire me to dance more. This performance gave me the freaking chills this is now one of my favorite two dancers in the whole entire world hands down. Greed mucha. Thank you EU! Shrinking the package sizes was nearly impossible in Germany some years ago, because only specific package sizes were allowed for specific products. If you made the contents lighter, you had to take so much away that the customers would definitely notice. Well, the EU ruled that illegal.

Ghostface vs Michael Myers NEEDS TO HAPPEN NEXT. 37:33 Is my reaction to failing my exam. SUPER HYGH. Greedily. Greedfall guide. I can't stop watching this, I'm in love. Greedy cuphead. Greed island hunter x hunter. Greedy movie. Greedfall review. Hard to find how I feel, especially when youre smothering me BEST GOD DAMN LINE IN THE SONG. I believe we have to ultimately dissolve the money system. It is a system of slavery, not only for the poor but for the minds of the rich. The money system breeds a mentality of want and greed. It is the breeding ground for inhumanity toward nature and animals, and inherently denies community and compassion.

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Greedy invalid. Greed dice game. Greed 2019 trailer. Milton's thoughts remind me of this excerpt from the Tao Te Ching written over 2600 years ago, specifically the line I let go of all desire for the common good, and the good becomes common as grass. If you want to be a great leader, you must learn to follow the Tao. Stop trying to control. Let go of fixed plans and concepts, and the world will govern itself. The more prohibitions you have, the less virtuous people will be. The more weapons you have, the less secure people will be. The more subsidies you have, the less self-reliant people will be. Therefore the Master says: I let go of the law, and people become honest. I let go of economics, and people become prosperous. I let go of religion, and people become serene. I let go of all desire for the common good, and the good becomes common as grass.

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Greed překlad. Fantastic documentary. I'd even say it's on par with the one by Netflix. Great job. Greed 2. This was just plain stupidity. Greediest streamer on twitch. This is one of the most meaningful videos I have ever had the good fortune to watch.


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The Invisible Man Free Full at Dailymotion dual audio 2020 release






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Bio Massive NUFC supporter Bollywood movies is my life, Local Munda in the toon, mahoosive fan of the deadliest actor in the world @duttsanjay

brief - The Invisible Man is a movie starring Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Harriet Dyer. When Cecilia's abusive ex takes his own life and leaves her his fortune, she suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of coincidences Leigh Whannell year - 2020 countries - USA Genre - Sci-Fi
The invisible man free full episode.
The Invisible Man Free full.
Can't wait more 😂.

Funny when the character is bad they don't want a gender swap. No Invisible Women

The Invisible Man Free full article. The invisible man free full download. Did Wonder Woman just used her lasso to swing on lightning like Spider-Man. I can't wait for the Invisible Man's new movie. The Invisible Man free full version. H.G. Wells had very mixed feelings about this movie. He loved Claude Rains' performance and the special effects, but he wasn't too happy with making Griffin a sympathetic character (in the book, he was already a cruel man before he turned invisible. But he was very unhappy with how they introduced a love interest for Griffin, he felt it Hollywooded the story too much.

The invisible man free full movies. The invisible man free full fight. If this goes well im expecting “TI”.


Who else thought this was a trailer for The boys season 2 😔😔😔. The invisible man 2020 free full. Scientists: Thats not how physics work. Dom: I ain't got physics, I got family.

“ooh a new horror movie trailer”. “oh wait its not a trailer”

The invisible man free full apk. Friendzone anthem. The invisible man free full cast. The Invisible Man Free full article on foot. India has made a movie on a Pakistani hero, will pakistan do the same? 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️. The invisible man free full movie. Dwayne Johnson natives Play come on bro 🤬. Invisible man free full movie online. 🥁Roger. The Invisible Man Free full article on maxi. So it's Sleeping With the Enemy but the homicidal controlling husband is invisible?😒. The invisible man free download. Alphonse Alleyne 😅. The invisible man free full video. Awesome trailer. looking forward to watch the movie. The invisible man full novel in hindi pdf free download. The invisible man free full length.

The invisible man full movie watch online free. The invisible man free full game. The Invisible Man free falling. This is called SPOILER. learn how to make a trailer please. The comments here might be better than the movie. Movie clip. The monster sqaud 2: the movie clip 2. In the room...


The invisible man free full games. Ye script Ayushman ke hath se kaise nikal gyi? 😊😊😊. The invisible man free full shampoo. 1:10 when i see my crush in a school corridor. The invisible man 1933 full movie free download. Lmao the family always moves into a spooky house in the middle of nowhere in these movies. The invisible man free full version.



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  • Countries - Hungary
  • score - 415 Votes
  • Genre - Drama
  • writers - Klára Muhi
  • 2019
  • 83 minute


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Saw it on premiere on september 24 at Budapest's Corvin Mozi.
Probably the most essential thing to know about this movie is that it was made for television in the first place and later they considered pushing it into the Oscars, for big screens, as they thought it has the potential to win something. It probably has that potential but I don't think that it would be because the movie is that good. maybe for the acting as it was quite strong from the two main protagonists, or for the screenplay. Oh and for the music, that is indeed Oscar-worthy for today's standards. But if for anything other than that. well, then I would smell something fishinness behind that.
So as a TV movie this picture is far better than great. It has a distinctive visual atmosphere with its gray fuminess and late, cold autumny colors, the cinematography is beyond adequate for such TV movie norma, the world the story plays in is really authentic, beholds many details that reflects those old times. The dialouges are clevelry written, they behold the realism but also some theatrical factor for dramatic purposes. The acting is top-notch from the main protagonists, they bring well detailed characteristics into their relationship by which we really hold their connection close to our hearts, but overall all the cast did a good job. The soundtrack has probably the most appeal for an award as it has that really almost-but-not-yet cheesiness that can easily win your ears over, but overall a very pleasant music to listen to, reminded me of Clint Mansell's previous works.
What the whole movie might fall short on is the world building that plays in the post-war dictaturic times. There are some snipets about the oppression they maintained on all these people lived in the post-war city, however, other than having some tricky questions from the "comrades" it never went further than that, it didn't fully bring the overall alienating effect it should have for the story/narrative. It was kinda like only a world building element in order to remind the auidence what times this plays in, never fully did anything more than that. And probably, the ending, which refers onto this dictature didn't feel that cathartic, because of that "only-world-building-element" reason.
Talking with others on premiere some people found the whole fast paced evolution of the protagoninst's relationship unconvincing and out of place, that it needed much deeper, elaborative, slower tendencies to go through. Personaly I had no issue with it at all. I found the relationship really natural and organic in its own way, it was indeed a connection that is not that easily achievable by anyone, but these two somehow had the luck to have a mostly healthy relationship that helped both of them in some ways to heal all the scars the war times brought onto them.
So. basicly, that's all I got to say about this movie. From TV movie standpoints I found it really solidly done, a nicely put together motion picture that is pleasant to watch. For Oscar worthy theatrical experience it might fall behind a bit as it has some lack of details and elaboratness, so - even though I have no respect for Oscars nowadays - I kinda feel this movie has only oscar-worthiness on a few, specific fields and even there there is always much bigger fishes to fight against on awards like this. Again, if it wins any award other than the music, acting, or (maybe) for screenplay then there is something fishy back there in Hollywood (but it's Hollywood, the Oscars, so there is more dirty business than anything else today.
Rating: 6.8/10.

Só mostrar o carro com o som original dos primeiros filmes, já VALEU O FILME :P

Extraordinário filme, uma mente brilhante, que como sempre não foi valorizada como merecia. Falto so a musica original ai sim iria fica perfeito. Aqueles que ficaram free online movies. Aqueles que ficaram free online courses.

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Uma mistura de Stranger Things com Gasparzinho kkkkk. RAMANUJAN- O homem que conhecia o Infinito. Não existem provas ou leis fundamentais que determinem os resultados dos problemas do coração. Aqueles que ficaram free online play. Top Gun finalmente agora vai essa música tema é f. Vim por causa do Coringa 💛♥️Joaquim Phoenix. Aqueles que ficaram free online game. Veja pelo lado bom, nós temos o Stallone Cobra do Brasil aqui em São Paulo! E de quem não gostou sobre as mortes de vagabundo: fala isso pra família dele(vítima do bandido. Toda vez que escuto essa música eu choro.

Online*Stream*Aqueles*Que*Ficaram #WatchfullFullMovieOnline How Long Watch Aqueles Que Online Idigitaltimes…. Aqueles Que Ficaram free online surveys. Este filme é incrível, o Thuomas Holopainem, tecladista e dono da Banda Nightwish comentou em um documentário sobre ter visto dezenas de veses, passados por conta de dificuldades em lidar com percausos da vida. Citou este filme sendo o seu preferido. Por conta disso, vi o filme e realmente nos passa valores extremamente importantes. Um filme excelente.

A comparação do refri com uma arma foi foda ! 😂😂. Difícil vai ser ver a atriz que fez par romântico, o tempo para ela não foi muito generoso.

Pesado! Só aguardando a notificação da análise do Fala Ki É Nóis 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Faz um vídeo falando sobre o menino Leandro que foi morto pela polícia, após supoem q ele estava armado em uma fuga de moto.


VAI TER TOM 'FUCKING MAVERICK' CRUISE ? Simm. Cadê Take my breath away tocando nesse trailer 😂. Aqueles que ficaram free online full. Aqueles Que Ficaram free online casino. Aqueles que ficaram free online dating. Eu amo esse filme. Ele é um espetáculo.


. Aqueles que ficaram free online free. Aqueles Que Ficaram free online slot. Gostaria de ver FABIO GRAVANDO E CANTANDO ESSE LOUVOR SÓ PEDIR PERMISSÃO A ROBERTO CARLOS.


1:54 cybertruck no canto esquerdo

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Clássico da Sessão da Tarde, pura Nostalgia! Sou o primeiro da fila do Cinema

Esse cara é o típico bandido de farda. Agora pergunta se ele matou algum morador do Morumbi

🎶You lost that lovin' feelin'  Whoa, that lovin' feelin'  You lost that lovin' feelin'  Now it's gone, gone, gone, woh🎶.

  • About The Author: Rosana Lancsarics
  • Info: Journalist/Public Relations. Love sports: Marathonist, Blue Jays fan. Jornalista/relações públicas. torce para que o Brasil dê certo.



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„HD 1080p“ Playmobil: The Movie Download Full

7.4/ 10stars

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release year 2019
Countries USA
Genre Animation
5 of 10
Playmobil: Ha'Seret Download full article. Azidéia,já tinha de Lego,agora é do Playmobil kjjkkj. Playmobil 3a ha secret download full movie. After the death of her parents in a car crash, teenager Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) has to care for her younger brother and loses her sense of adventure. She rediscovers it when the siblings are somehow transported to a strange Playmobil world. When Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) is kidnapped, it’s up to Marla to rescue him. Just as Playmobil, a toy range invented in 1974, is like Lego with less scope for creativity, Playmobil: The Movie is much like The Lego Movie without the clever ideas. This is a generic ‘rediscovering the joy of childhood’ movie with merchandise opportunities grafted on. Marla ( Taylor-Joy) is a teenager excited about embarking on a trip around the world. That trip is halted before it starts when her parents are killed in a car crash (making the movie’s first ten minutes needlessly heavy) and she has to take over guardianship of her younger brother, Charlie (Bateman). Marla grows joyless and stern under the weight of her new responsibility, to the point that Charlie runs away from home to escape her. Charlie sneaks into a toy fair, where Marla tracks him down to a Playmobil display. For some reason, they’re magicked into a Playmobil world and transformed into toys, where they have to beat an evil emperor (Adam Lambert) and find a way home. Feels like little more than a feature-length commercial. Playmobil: The Movie never manages to establish a convincing world because it fails to tell us what the rules are here. All the characters look like Playmobil figures but they just act like regular humans. There’s no fun had with the limits of figures with legs that don’t move independently, hands shaped like cup-holders and largely identical faces. The journey through different worlds – cowboy, Viking, futuristic, fantasy – is because Playmobil makes those ranges. There’s little effort to give it more internal logic than that, and none of the confident self-effacement of The Lego Movie or Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. There are injections of enjoyable surreality, mostly from a Daniel Radcliffe -voiced secret agent who is both a master of disguise and kind of an idiot, but not nearly enough. As it is, it’s just a gently pleasant kid-distraction. Everybody knows that movies based on toys are made to try and sell more toys, but it’s very much appreciated when they put some effort into disguising that. Playmobil: The Movie feels like little more than a feature-length commercial. Maybe it’s fitting Playmobil: The Movie is old-fashioned, stiff and only suitable for those between the ages of four and ten, but it sure isn’t much fun.

Oh right I forgot that was a thing. Saying that Playmobil is the poor man's Lego is the equivalent of saying Prince is an inferior version of Michael Jackson. (God rest both their souls. Was like hell no. Til he turned into a bird. Now I kinda want to see it. I love you M trainor... 😘😘 Your so amazing😍😍. Playmobil ha& 39;seret download full movie. Playmobil: Ha'Seret download full version. After the huge success LEGO had at the box office with films such as 'The Lego Movie' and 'The Lego Batman Movie' the in some ways similar German toy brand 'Playmobil' announced production on their very own first cinematic adventure, in honour of the toy line's 45th anniversary.
When her younger brother Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) unexpectedly disappears into the magical, animated universe of PLAYMOBIL, unprepared Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) must go on a quest of a lifetime to bring him home. As she sets off on a fantastic journey across stunning new worlds, Marla teams up with some unlikely and heroic new friends - the smooth-talking food truck driver Del (voiced by Jim Gaffigan) the dashing and charismatic secret agent Rex Dasher (voiced by Daniel Radcliffe) a wholehearted misfit robot, an extravagant fairy-godmother (voiced by Meghan Trainor) and many more. Through their vibrant adventure, Marla and Charlie realise that no matter how life plays out, you can achieve anything when you believe in yourself.
Admittedly, this film looked like a bad idea from the start, looking too much like a cheap knock-off of any of those Lego-movies, with a smaller budget, coming from a smaller studio. Also, Playmobil isn't as big of a brand as LEGO is and with no brand awareness, how do you start promoting this worldwide? The film though, borrowing gags from other franchises such as 'Star Wars. a clear nod to Jabba the Hutt in form of Glinara; James Bond' look-a-like Rex Dasher; a colosseum warrior battle such as in 'Thor: Ragnarok' and a fairy wonderland in the likes of 'Shrek' isn't as bad as initially presumed. Luckily, the demographic this is intended for - 4 to 10-year olds - has a wild imagination, and with worlds such as "City of the Future" and "Dino Jungle" their magical fantasies are coming true on the screen.
The crew who worked on Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog' and 'Home on the Range' wrote this live action/animation-hybrid adventure musical, taking a little bit too much time to get to the final big battle to get our siblings back to the real world, which could challenge the smallest of children to stay seated. The constant action and sugared colour palette will for sure give parents a sugar rush they'll need to recover from, but most modern animated shows are way worse in terms of hyperactive screaming and fart-jokes. At least most of the jokes in 'Playmobil: The Movie' are enough thought through to make this enjoyable for both kids and their parents.
What might surprise audiences, is the musical aspect of the film. There's about six very catchy songs, sung by the voice actors themselves, with the very first song performed in the real world by Anya Taylor-Joy (Glass) which reminded me of Lizzie McGuire, with a bubbly attitude, dreaming of traveling and exploring the world. The songs fit perfectly in the story and usually get performed when we enter a new section of the ever stretching make-believe world of Playmobil. The voice actors aren't known for their singing - besides Adam Lambert (who is having so much fun being overly theatrical with his voice) and Meghan Trainor - but do a decent job at making it their own.
The clear message of being able to achieve anything, as long as you believe in yourself is a bit on the nose, but this doesn't take away the fact that this harmless effervescent story will appeal to many kids with dreams such as Marla's. The film screams to be made into a franchise, let's just hope they learn from their shortcomings and the mistakes other toy brands have made before when taking the Hollywood-path.

Playmobil 3a ha secret download full episode. U should check out Mune, i thought it was a pretty ok movie i was really interested the first time i watched it. Playmobil: Ha'Seret Download full article on maxi. Looks like a straight to dvd movie.

Playmobil: Ha'Seret Download full review

Whats next Lincoln logs the movie

Congratulations on spoiling almost the entire film. Will Smith turning into a pigeon because of Tom Holland? Best Movie of All Time. I don't really want to see this in theatres anymore. People need to realize how serious this is. This is one of a kind content 10/10. :D. Playmobil: The Movie Theatrical release poster Directed by Lino DiSalvo Produced by Aton Soumache Dimitri Rassam Moritz Borman Alexis Vonarb Screenplay by Blaise Hemingway Greg Erb Jason Oremland Story by Lino DiSalvo Based on Playmobil Starring Anya Taylor-Joy Jim Gaffigan Gabriel Bateman Adam Lambert Meghan Trainor Daniel Radcliffe Music by Heitor Pereira Edited by Maurissa Horwitz Production company Method Animation ON Animation Studios DMG Entertainment Distributed by Pathé Distribution Release date 10 June 2019 ( Annecy) 7 August 2019 (France) 6 December 2019 (United States) Running time 99 minutes [1] Country France [2] Language English Budget $40 million [3] Box office $16. 3 million [4] [5] Playmobil: The Movie is a 2019 English-language French computer-animated musical adventure comedy film based on the German building toy Playmobil. The film is directed by Disney veteran Lino DiSalvo, in his directorial debut, written by Blaise Hemingway, Greg Erb and Jason Oremland, and produced by On Animation Studios. The film stars the voices of Anya Taylor-Joy, Jim Gaffigan, Gabriel Bateman, Adam Lambert, Kenan Thompson, Meghan Trainor and Daniel Radcliffe. The film follows a girl named Marla who tries to save her brother from a Playmobil world the two are sucked into, and becomes involved in the midst of a population-capturing scheme by Emperor Maximus. Premiering as the opener of the June 2019 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Playmobil: The Movie began theatrical runs in France on 7 August 2019 by Pathé, in the United Kingdom on 9 August 2019 by StudioCanal, and in the United States on 6 December 2019 by STXfilms. Playmobil: The Movie was panned by critics for being a perceived feature-length advertisement; most criticism was of the poor storytelling, generic songs, and worldbuilding problems, with several negative comparisons to The Lego Movie. It was also a box-office bomb, grossing $15 million on a $40 million budget, and in the United States had the worst opening weekend ever for a film playing in over 2, 300 theaters. [6] Plot [ edit] Marla is a formerly free-spirited girl who has grown up to be responsible yet overprotective in order to care for her brother Charlie, who has grown lonely and disconnected from her after the death of their parents. One night, Charlie sneaks out to visit a toy museum with a Playmobil exhibit. After Marla arrives and scolds Charlie for running away, a lighthouse illuminates them and transports them to the Playmobil world. Marla and Charlie find themselves in the middle of a Viking battle, and Charlie helps them until he is kidnapped by some pirates. Frantic to find her brother, Marla goes to the nearest town hoping to ask for help, and runs into Del, the driver of a food truck whose client refuses to pay him over pink hay that causes the town's horses to sprout wings. As Marla tries to form a posse to find Charlie, Del gets her out of trouble when she shows Viking gold to the whole town, and agrees to help Marla find her brother in exchange for the gold. Marla and Del run into Rex Dasher, a secret agent and an old friend of Del. Rex explains that a number of characters have disappeared, and the group sneaks into a villainous spy headquarters to find information about the disappearances. Despite some issues, they successfully gather the data and escape, but Rex is later captured by the pirates. He is taken away to Constantinopolis and finds Charlie, who had been locked up with other characters by Emperor Maximus, who intends to have the prisoners fight to their deaths. Rex tells Charlie that Marla had been looking for him, which encourages Charlie to break away. However, he later allows himself to be recaptured so the other characters could escape. Del recognizes that a device used by the pirates belongs to Glinara, an alien crime lord. After meeting with her in exchange for information, Del offers to pay twice as much as he owes her. Glinara agrees and reveals that she sold the device to Maximus. However, Del is unable to uphold his end of the bargain, as Marla only had two pieces of gold left. Angered, Glinara captures them and attempts to drop them into a portal, but they are spared by Glinara's robot servant Robotitron, who hacks the portal and drops the group into a forest. Del leaves the group, upset by Marla's deception. Marla and Robotitron get lost in the forest until Marla accidentally hits a fairy godmother, who encourages her to continue her search and sends her to Constantinopolis. Arriving at the city, Marla reaches a coliseum where Charlie is about to fight a Tyrannosaurus rex. Charlie and Marla work together to fight off the T-Rex, but to no avail. Del soon arrives with his food truck, and Marla uses the last of Del's pink hay to turn the T-Rex harmless. An enraged Maximus orders his guards to arrest them, but the guards reveal themselves to be Rex and the missing warriors, who then lock Maximus inside a cage. As everyone celebrates their victory, Marla and Charlie use the T-Rex to fly back to the lighthouse and return to the real world, where it is revealed that they were missing for only five minutes. On good terms, Marla promises to Charlie that their relationship will be mended. In a mid-credit scene, one of the security guards finds a figure of Maximus on the floor next to a cage. As he places him on top of Mount Olympus, Maximus's laugh is heard. Cast [ edit] Anya Taylor-Joy as Marla Brenner. Charlie's sister, who also voices Marla's Playmobil form. Lino DiSalvo cast Taylor-Joy for the "texture" of her voice, and described her performance as "believable and emotional. " [7] Gabriel Bateman as Charlie Brenner. Marla's brother, who also voices Charlie's Playmobil form. As DiSalvo explains, "when I met Gabriel, I totally saw a kid that Spielberg would cast. " [8] Ryan S. Hill plays a 6-year-old Charlie. Jim Gaffigan as Del. A food truck driver who supports himself with several side jobs and is Marla's best friend. Daniel Radcliffe as Rex Dasher. A secret agent who helps Marla. While normally reluctant to play spy roles in films, Radcliffe accepted the part of Dasher because "there is something incredibly fun about playing an unbelievably confident, kind of to the point of being an oblivious, person who is constantly undercut by other characters who make him realise that maybe he's not as smooth as he thinks he. " [9] As he explained on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, "Rex Dasher is a Playmobil version of James Bond. There's a ridiculous thing that will sound suitably ridiculous to your listeners, because they know that it would be ridiculous for me to play James Bond in real life. But because I have an English accent I go to America, a lot of people think and say something to the effect of, 'You should be James Bond. ' And I say, 'No, you're wrong. ' So the chance to play Playmobil James Bond was like, 'That seems a little more my speed. '" [10] On an April 2019 airing of The Graham Norton Show, Radcliffe displayed a figure of Dasher that was sent to him by the director. [11] Adam Lambert as Emperor Maximus. The tyrannical ruler of Constatinopolis. Heavily playing with Playmobil figures as a kid, Lambert stated that enjoyed playing the part: "He's an obnoxious, ridiculous, comical bad guy. [... ] He's got like Napoleon complex, he's incredibly narcissistic. He loves the sound of his own voice. He's spoiled. He's a brat. And he usually gets his way. " [12] He explained that he played the character as himself "on a really bad day, " and said performing the musical number was his favorite part of working on Playmobil. [13] Kenan Thompson as Bloodbones A pirate captain. In addition to the role's Broadway-level singing demands, the nasal-y-voiced Thompson also had to perform his lines in a guttural tone, which gave him a "headache. " [14] Meghan Trainor as The Fairy Godmother. An unnamed fairy godmother who Marla encounters in a forest. It was Trainor's childhood dream to play a fairy character, but also a very difficult task: "I’ve never smiled so hard in my life to make this girl happy and I was jumping up and down. " [15] Trainor's involvement in Playmobil: The Movie began while writing "Run Like The River" for her album Treat Myself. "I remember meeting someone who was like, this should be in the movie, " explained Trainor; and a week later, she presented the song to DiSalvo: "It looked like it blew his mind. " [15] Lino DiSalvo as Robotitron. A robot employed by Glinara. Maddie Taylor as Glinara. An alien crime lord. Kirk Thornton as Ook Ook Dan Navarro as Viking Leader Paloma Michelle as Valera, an Amazon warrior. [16] Spike Spencer [17] Production [ edit] Development [ edit] An animated feature film based on Playmobil figurines, produced by On Entertainment, Wild Bunch and Pathé, was announced in November 2014 and originally expected to be released at the end of 2017. [18] The film originally involved Bob Persichetti as director and screenwriter. The film would be the first in a trilogy of theatrical animated films based on Playmobil. Persichetti initially pitched the film to Sony Pictures Animation. Although Sony tried to buy the pitch, it fell through. He was eventually offered instead to direct the 2018 superhero film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. [19] The film was animated in On Animation's Canadian facilities. The film was also originally supposed to be distributed by Cross Creek Pictures. [20] ON Animation's producers acquired the rights for the film circa January 2016. [21] On 9 February 2016, Lino DiSalvo came on board to direct the $75 million budgeted film, replacing Persichetti. Dimitri Rassam and Aton Soumache of On Animation Studios produced the film. [22] [23] On 12 May 2016, Open Road Films acquired the US rights to the film, whose screenplay was written by Blaise Hemingway. It marks DiSalvo's directorial debut after spending 17 years at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Alexis Vonarb, Axel Von Maydell, and Moritz Borman also produced the film. [24] Maydell was first associated with the Playmobil brand fifteen years before the film's release, when he was involved in producing interactive games for the company. [25] Heitor Pereira 's involvement was announced on 21 June 2017. [26] On 17 November 2017, it was reported that Wendi McLendon-Covey would star in the film. [27] In June 2018, the film's production was underway and some details of the film were revealed, during a session at Annecy International Animated Film Festival. [28] In October 2018, lead voice cast was announced which included Anya Taylor-Joy, Gabriel Bateman, Daniel Radcliffe, Jim Gaffigan, Meghan Trainor, and Adam Lambert, while Trainor and Lambert would also write and sing original songs for the film. [29] Writing [ edit] DiSalvo instantly got to work on animatics following Open Road's acquisition, completing five animatics in Los Angeles in Montreal before work on the assets began. [21] The first 15 months of the film's production was spent in Los Angeles, with a crew of ten people. When the project moved to Montreal, 300 people ("more than half of the animation crew at a typical Disney movie") were involved. [21] Both DiSalvo and Hemingway, long-time friends, re-watched their favorite 1980s films like E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) in writing Playmobil; Hemingway explained that both the movie and the old-school films they referenced knew "how to find what is magical in the most mundane situations. " [30] The producers wanted to capture a child's emotion of playing with toys with Playmobil, [25] which meant DiSolvo had to research. He interviewed more than 200 fans of Playmobil from across the globe, [31] finding that the toy series was mostly enjoyed for its role play element, where "they don’t tell you who the hero is — the player defines who the hero is. " [21] Thus, he went for a role-playing vibe in writing the film's story. [21] DiSalvo also revisited his childhood home to look at the toys he played with as a kid. [32] The German Playmobil company also sent every Playmobil set ever released to the Los Angeles development location, and the writers used them to conceive characters. A food truck and a figure wearing a Hawaiian shirt, for instance, led to the creation of Del. [31] Initially, the writers planned Playmobil: The Movie to start with either a shot of an opening storybook or a narration, similar to most fairy tale movies. These ideas were rejected due to not being "organic" enough for the overall product. [21] They finally chose to have opening and closing live-action sequences: "Marla, has lost touch with the child’s point of view that she used to have. It felt right to show her in a live-action world where there is no magic. When she finds herself in a very magical situation — which is the entrance to the world of Playmobil, it becomes the catalyst for the whole movie. " [21] Animation [ edit] Playmobil: The Movie was animated with Autodesk Maya. [33] Julien Bocabeille supervised the film's animation team that consisted of 56 animators. [34] Being that Playmobil: the Movie was a story about wish fulfillment, the scale was one of the biggest priorities. According to production designer Rémi Salmon: "We see those toys from a kid's eyes, not what he has in front of him but what he imagines. The pirate in his hand has a stiff plastic cape, but when he plays, he sees the cape floating in the wind. " [21] The animators' biggest challenges came in the set designs and character animation. [34] While each Playmobil universe varied in tone and lighting due to their differing styles, they had to have some consistences with the Playmobil world. [34] The Fifth Element and the works of J. J. Abrams were influences in designing the city of Glinara. [35] Having "a touch of richness and life" in the film's Playmobil world depended on not just the lighting being "pushed pretty far in a very cinematographic way;" but also the characters, particularly their movements and textures. [21] While not entirely animated like humans and having plastic hair and skin, the toys were given "a 20 percent freedom to bend and stretch" and wrote actually cloth-made attire for close-up shots. [21] The animators had to work with limits that came with moving the Playmobil figures, especially when it came to animating faces. The faces are 2D shapes imposed onto 3D heads, meaning that big parts of how human faces are expressed (cheekbones, nose and jaws) are not present. [34] Coming up with a convenient workflow for animating 2D faces on 3D objects was another challenge, which Jeremy Ringard and Claude Levastre was responsible for. They first came up with the idea of modeling and rigging the features as 3D shapes, but this lead to problems of Z-fighting, intersection and "floating" appearances in close-up shots. [36] They then thought of a "texture flipbook" where the animators chose from a set of facial features in order to keep the look of the movie consistent; however, they figured that it would disallow any variations to the expressions and be very expensive due to the amount of storage, texture resolution and file management involved. [33] Finally, they came up with a system where the animators used 3D-rig-controlled 2D shapes that were converted as a dynamic texture applied on the 3D head in the viewport, and the animation would be rendered real-time through a shader free of resolution or sampling restrictions. [33] The car Dasher drives is a Porsche Mission E, the 2015 concept version of the Porsche Taycan; Playmobil is the Porsche's first appearance in a major film, and a remote-controlled Mission E toy was released as a movie tie-in. [37] Themes and style [ edit] Today, we have so many cynical movies and TV shows out there, but I wanted to make a movie about a family coming together. Hopefully, parents and their kids will feel the same way about the movie, and appreciate the truthfulness of Playmobil as we tried to explore the wonderful truth that’s in these toys. —  DiSalvo on the purpose of Playmobil: The Movie. [21] Many of us have seen James Bond 's films, Clint Eastwood 's spaghetti westerns, and cloak and sword films as children. When we started to talk about moving from one genre to another, we ended up like kids playing with their Playmobil in the living room! —  Playmobil producer Tito Ortiz [38] According to DiSolvo, the moral of Playmobil: The Movie is, "The only rules that matter are the ones you set. " [39] As Nick Hasted of The Arts Desk categorized Playmobil, "it’s a breezy B-movie in a genre aspiring to Mad comic satire and grand opera;" with a "unpretentious good nature" a la 1980s and 1990s after-school specials. [40] Due to Playmobil being set in a world filled with different universes, the film caricaturizes and plays with the tropes of several genres, including western films, fantasy, science fiction, and musicals. [32] In acknowledging inevitable comparisons to The Lego Movie, DiSalvo claimed, "The movie Lego relied a lot on comedy and wasn't so much driven by characters, while our film will follow more the Disney tradition of storytelling and is meant to appeal to girls as much as boys. " [28] According to Tito Ortiz, Playmobil is about the importance of forgiveness, tolerance, and unity in broken families. [38] DiSalvo also described Playmobil: The Movie as similar to the Tom Hanks film Big (1988), in that the main character has to think like a child to achieve her goal. [31] Its premise of two siblings being sucked into a fantastical setting also garnered comparisons by journalists to The Pagemaster (1994), [41] the Jumanji films, [41] and Pleasantville (1998); [42] while the use of a live-action opening and a brother-and-sister relationship was also in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019). [41] [43] Some reviewers noted the shedding of gender roles in Playmobil, including Hasted: "When DiSalvo detours to Playmobil’s girl-focused range with the arrival of Meghan Trainor’s tattooed fairy godmother and pink flying horses, Marla’s brisk bravery muddles gender stereotypes with similar irreverence. " [40] Caroline Siede honored the film's "Be anything you want to be" message for allowing Marla to be any type of character regardless of her gender, [41] and Charlotte O'Sullivan of the Evening Standard called her a better Susan Pevensie: "Though interested in lipstick, and keen on being grown-up, she is never dismissed as silly or vain. " [44] One NBC News review noted Dasher's "pointed jabs about sexist archetypes. " [45] Soundtrack [ edit] "Run Like the River" was released as a promotional single on 26 July 2019 from the film's soundtrack album, which was released on 2 August 2019. [46] Release and promotion [ edit] Playmobil: The Movie premiered as the opener of the 2019 Annecy festival, which ran from 10–15 June 2019. [47] As reported by Cartoon Brew, it "was widely criticized by festival attendees and caused large numbers of the audience to leave in the middle of the film. " [48] On 17 June, CineEurope presented a trailer and a clip of Playmobil. [49] Playmobil: The Movie had its first trailer released on 16 December 2018, with a release date set for 16 August 2019. [42] The second trailer was unleashed on 23 July 2019, the release date changed to 22 November. [50] [51] Each trailer present a different premise: the first presented the film as focusing on Marla trying to save his brother in a Playmobil. [42] while the second revealed the live-action segments and depicted it as being about Rex Dasher saving the Playmobil population from a secret organization. [52] Ben Pearson of /Film noted that the marketing strategy "trie[d] to shield its actual plot. " [52] He also called the film's animation promising: "While the characters are clearly simplified to match the Playmobil toys that inspired them, the animation looks pretty slick and there's some interesting lighting going on in a few of the shots on display here. " [52] Chris Evangelista of /Film wrote upon the first trailer's release, "It's pretty clear that Playmobil: The Movie is skewing to a young audience [... ] And while this may seem like a cynical cash-grab, many people felt the same way before the first LEGO Movie came out, until the final results proved to be surprisingly enjoyable. Maybe Playmobil will manage to do the same. " [42] CNET, also responding to the trailer, opined that "It looks fun and hopefully will boast the same universal appeal as the Lego Movie. " [53] Commenting on the second trailer, Screen Rant writer Mike Jones felt the humor had its "own charm and feel" despite being comparable to The Lego Movie: "there does appear to be a decent amount of fun, laughs and adventure on display. " [50] However, he also questioned the scheduling of "such a small scale" production being scheduled in a season having to compete with Jumanji: The Next Level and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. [50] Collider 's coverage of the second trailer was ecstatic, noting its "fun" factor and opining it had the same meta humor style as The Lego Movie. [54] Sarah El-Mahmoud of Cinema Blend summarized, "the trailer showcases tons of fun action sequences with fast car chases, dinosaurs, and scared squirrels. ] One has to wonder if a connection to human kids will also be present in this movie as The LEGO Movie and Toy Story do. " However, with the awareness that the film was trying to capitalize on the fame of The Lego Movie, she also had skepticism toward its success due to the weak box office of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. [55] A PopSugar journalist claimed, "damn, it looks good, " also showing enthusiasm for Radcliffe's appearance. [56] According to Geekspin, "a few people already have a hunch that the Playmobil movie will flop at the box office, " due to the superior popularity of Legos over Playmobil, and the film's lack of intellectual properties, and star power. [57] Playmobil: The Movie was released in France by Pathé on 7 August 2019, on 610 screens, and was released in the US by STX Entertainment on 6 December 2019. It was originally scheduled to be released in the United States by Open Road Films on 18 January 2019, [24] which was later delayed to 19 April 2019, [58] Due to the bankruptcy of Global Road, STX bought the U. S. distribution rights to the film in early April 2019, [59] and set the U. release date to 30 August 2019. On 5 August 2019, STX pushed the U. release date back once more to 6 December 2019, among other schedule changes of other films from STX that reportedly happened due to STX having limited cash flow, and wanting to pull their resources in to support Hustlers, although STX has denied that this was the case. [60] Upon its release in the United States on 6 December, STX reportedly encouraged theaters to offer tickets to all showings of the film for just US$5, a significantly lower cost than most American movie tickets. [61] The film news site Moviehole also gave away ten family passes of Playmobil. [62] In other territories, Playmobil was released to theaters in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland on 7 August 2019; [63] [64] [65] Bolivia and Israel on 8 August 2019; [66] [67] the United Kingdom on 9 August 2019, [68] Mexico and South Africa on 16 August 2019; [69] [70] Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, and Slovakia on 22 August 2019; [71] [72] [73] [74] [75] Germany, Singapore, and Thailand on 29 August 2019; [76] [77] [78] Poland on 23 August 2019; [79] Austria, Indonesia, Spain, and Venezuela on 30 August 2019; [80] [81] [82] [83] Egypt and the Philippines on 4 September 2019; [84] [85] Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, the Dominican Republic, and the United Arab Emirates on 5 September 2019; [86] [87] [88] [89] [90] [91] [92] [93] South Korea on 11 September 2019; [94] Czech Republic, Malaysia, Paraguay, and Uruguay on 12 September 2019; [95] [96] [97] [98] Iceland on 13 September 2019; [99] Bulgaria and Sweden on 20 September 2019; [100] [101] Hungary on 26 September 2019; [102] Finland and Romania on 27 September 2019; [103] [104] Portugal on 3 October 2019; [105] Ecuador on 4 October 2019; [106] Argentina on 10 October 2019; [107] Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia on 25 October 2019; [108] [109] [110] Colombia on 7 November 2019; [111] and Australia on 12 December 2019. [112] In Australia, Seven Network 's show Sunrise promoted it with a giveaway where two winners received a Playmobil Prize Pack for both tickets to the film and toy sets. [112] The Sunday Times ran a contest where five people could enter to win tickets, with one of them winning an Instax mini-camera in addition. [113] On 4 February 2020, Playmobil: The Movie VR Adventures, a virtual reality video game, will be released on Steam. [114] Reception [ edit] Box office [ edit] Playmobil: The Movie has grossed $1. 1 million in the United States and Canada, and $14. 3 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $15. 4 million. [4] [5] In France, Playmobil opened to 604 theaters before performing at a maximum of 683 in its third week; it opened at number five with an opening weekend ground of $963, 910, and by the end of its seven-week run, it grossed a total of $2, 627, 246. [115] In the United States, Playmobil: The Movie opened in 2, 300 theaters; [116] industry experts predicted the film would have a three-day opening gross of around $905, 000 [117] and would likely become a box office bomb. [118] Preview screenings on 4 December and 5 December were very low, 4 December totaling around $40, 000 and 5 December $230, 000. [3] As The A. V. Club summarized, "STX is dropping it into U. theaters the weekend after Thanksgiving without press screenings, giving it the authentic discount-bin appearance of a toy store going out of business. " [119] [120] The US marketing budget was limited to roughly $3 million, [121] RelishMix reporting a lack of social promotion of any of its stars except for one tweet from Trainor. [3] STX set the marketing money this low due to the film's poor international box office. [122] Boxoffice Pro analyzed the film "would open just two weeks after Frozen II, one week before Jumanji: The Next Level, two weeks before Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker, and less than three weeks before Spies in Disguise — all of which are shoe-ins to attract young audiences and dwarf potential interest in PLAYMOBIL. " [123] According to STX president Kevin Grayson, "This is a 52-week-a -year business and we were looking for an opportunity to utilize the early December play date. " [122] According to Deadline Hollywood, Playmobil was released only weeks after Frozen II and used a variable pricing strategy where STX and many theater chains offered $5 tickets. [3] Originally projected to gross $600, 000–$800, 000 on its opening day, Playmobil grossed just $167, 000, making it the third-worst opening day of all time for a 2, 000-plus theatre production, behind Delgo (2008) and The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012); [121] fourth if counting the 2014 re-release of Saw (2004) and 24th if also including films with between 1, 000-1, 999 theaters. [124] [125] It went on to gross $660, 000 in its opening weekend (an average of $287 per-venue), the fourth-worst of all-time. [3] Shortly after the weekend, Grayson responded that STX would use variable pricing in their future projects: "we have already learned from this experiment. And we will continue to learn more and will tweak it for the future so it can be the benefit to the industry that we know it can be. " [122] While the film's several worldwide distributors recouped TV sale money, they also financed it via pre-sales and thus face losses. [122] Rebecca Rubin, a Variety writer, attributed the low box office to the Playmobil brand being far less popular than Lego. [122] Critical response [ edit] On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 16% based on 59 reviews, with an average rating of 3. 72/10. The site's critical consensus reads: "Much like the toys it advertises, Playmobil: The Movie seems sadly destined to be regarded as a superficially similar yet less desirable alternative to the competition. " [126] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 25 out of 100, based on 13 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". [127] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on an A+ to F scale, while those at PostTrak gave it an average 1. 5 out of 5 stars, with 36% saying they would definitely recommend it to a friend. [3] In the PostTrak grade, adult audiences made up 31% of poll, children under 12 69%; the adult gave the film an average two-and-a-half stars, the kids under 12 around 3. 5 to four stars. [3] The New Zealand online publication Stuff named it "a strong contender for the worst film of 2019. " [128] Reviewers primarily criticized Playmobil: The Movie for being more of an advertisement than a compelling story that practiced its moral about being bold and adventurous. [129] [130] [131] [132] [133] [134] In a Rotten Tomatoes editorial, the site said critics generally called it "a regrettably mediocre outing that offers little aside from a barrage of colorful images and a brisk but ultimately generic and uninspired story. " [135] As, calling it "the worst animation of the year so far, " put it, "the story is boring, the characters are utterly unlikeable, and [... ] one is increasingly struck by the lack of anything new or interesting in the film whatsoever. Its lack of imagination or creativity is painful. " [136] A couple of reviews viewed it as part of a major problem of poorly-done toy films from Hollywood. [45] [131] Several reviews made negative comparisons to The Lego Movie, [132] [137] [133] [134] [138] such as a Variety review by Day Lodge that summarized Playmobil: The Movie as The Lego Movie "but without that blockbuster's dizzy, self-aware wit and visual invention. " [130] Nell Minow wrote that "it does not even work as a commercial, never showing us why these toys could be especially fun to play with, " and called the settings and toys "bland and generic. " [139] Some critics found it way too safe for a film about imagination, [133] [43] including Katherine McLaughlin of The List: "The references are simply too familiar to excite, as it coasts along on nostalgia and a well-worn formula. " [43] According to The Observer, " Playmobil shamelessly steals ideas. This eyesore of a cash-in lifts plot elements from Thor and Jumanji, then thinly threads them together with a few songs and shrill mantra about the need for adventure. " [140] Multiple errors in worldbuilding were spotted by critics, [141] such as its odd mixture of replications of historical and fictional settings; [142] and the overly-realistic textures [142] and movements of the Playmobil figures. [143] [139] As Minow explained, "After a whole scene establishing the limited mobility of the Playmobil characters, they suddenly switch to being able to have human-like joints and range of motion. " [139] Clariss Loughrey asked, "Shouldn’t everything be plastic? Then why do the horses have fur? " [142] Yolanda Machado noted, "Marla can’t figure out how to walk without the use of knees and yet, a minute later, she’s running. " [141] Maryann Johanson noticed even more issues with the figure movements: "A big joke is made out of how Marla, in her Playmobil body, can't walk because she has no knees... and then knees inexplicably appear and she can walk fine. Everyone has elbows, too, which the toy figures also don't have. And everyone is stuck with those clamshell hands, yet are still able to manipulate chopsticks. " [144] As Paul Whitington felt, "the themed kingdoms they visit only seem to have been chosen because Playmobil do toys based on these scenarios: sometimes, as in the wild west sequence, they are passed through virtually without comment. " [145] The live-action sequences also garnered some derision; [134] one reviewer opined it felt "like something out of an ‘80s movie, " [45] while another panned the sequence's stiff direction. [40] Salt Lake City Weekly called all of the film's concepts "all pointlessly random and head-smackingly dumb, even when it sounds on paper like it might be funny. " [146] According to Machado, Playmobil: The Movie suffered from storytelling "whiplash, " using the "mishmash of odd characters" and the sudden death of the main characters' parents as examples. [141] The A. Club criticised the choppy plot and erratic pace, reasoning it made Playmobil: The Movie "poorly conceived at every story turn, unable to even stick to a particular generic message to make up for its extremely basic humor. " [147] The film's hurried speed also came up in a Radio Times review that stated it "never stops long enough to make its story memorable. " [148] Lodge wrote the film had so little amusement it was absent of sight gags, [130] while Minow bashed the inclusion of parental death as too dark for a kid's film. [139] An RTÉ review called its emotional moments "heavy-handed and forced, " and criticized the parents' death as "solely a plot device for the sake of plot device. " [149] The songs were also called forgettable, generic, and "terrible" by several journalists; [139] [134] [130] [41] [136] one wrote that they "have remarkably little melodic staying power, " [130] and another analyzed, "there’s no chorus and the characters simply just say things to a tune. " [142] However, some reviewers did highlight Taylor-Joy's singing on the opening number. [142] [41] Playmobil: The Movie wasn't without supporting reviewers. Siede was appreciative towards the "low-key, non-judgmental" writing of the film, praising it for being more "heartfelt and earnest" than other "crass and cheap" offerings usual for children's flicks. [41] O'Sullivan summarized, "for a movie so clearly doubling as product placement, it’s also fun, a cartoon (bookended by live-action sequences) which allows talented actors to riff on unexpected themes. " She called the characters of Del and Rex "properly funny. " [44] Most admirations came towards the characters and performances, especially Radcliffe's voice-acting, [142] [40] [43] the campy villain Emperor Maximus, [45] [150] [142] [40] and Taylor-Joy's acting. [43] [40] Hasted opined, "Taylor-Joy’s tendency towards introverted, perhaps dangerous outsiders [... ] finds little outlet in mostly mild Marla, but still makes her harassed heroine warmly sympathetic. " [40] References [ edit] ^ "PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE (U)". British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 17 June 2019. ^ "Playmobil, le film (2018)".. ^ a b c d e f g D'Alessandro, Anthony (7 December 2019). " ' Frozen 2' Already Past $300M+ Leading Dreary December Weekend With $34M+, 'Playmobil' Plummets To $702K". Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved 7 December 2019. ^ a b "Playmobil: The Movie (2019)". Box Office Mojo. IMDb. Retrieved 2 March 2020. ^ a b "Playmobil: The Movie (2019)". The Numbers. Retrieved 7 January 2020. ^ ^ "Anya Taylor-Joy is Marla". ON Kids & Family. 29 August 2019. 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"Meghan Trainor reveals sassy line that won her Playmobil role: 'It blew the director's mind ' ". Metro. Retrieved 5 December 2019. ^ Michelle, Paloma [@Palomaofficial] (13 December 2018). "This is the 1st time I see my character in all her glory!! "Valera, " what an honor! Non stop chills. This movie looks sooooo bad ass!! Comes out August 2019! #PLAYMOBIL #PlaymobilTheMovie #WomenInAnimation" (Tweet). Retrieved 14 August 2019 – via Twitter. ^ Spencer, Spike [@spikespencer] (25 July 2019). "HEY! Have you seen the new Playmobil Trailer yet? I have the amazing good fortune of voicing 4 characters in this awesome movie! MANY THANKS TO Karen Strassman and Lino DiSalvo for the oppurtunity WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!... " (Tweet). Retrieved 26 July 2019 – via Twitter. ^ Keslassy, Elsa (6 November 2014). "AFM: On Ent. Plays With Wild Bunch, Pathe on Playmobil Pic (EXCLUSIVE)". Variety. Retrieved 22 July 2015. ^ Amid Amidi (18 December 2018). 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Playmobil: Ha'Seret Download full.

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The floss dance has actually been traced back to 2011, so the reference is even worse. So sad a good toy. was made into a shit movie. Nice to see Julia acting out some good writing again. The last season of Veep was so obviously run by Americans that I nearly bought the disc version just to play frisbee with it. Playmobil ha& 39;seret download full version. Anyone else hear KSI music. Yeah Survival. For the people that is saying this is so bad and of kids: This song is for the movie Playmobil, this is for kids! Just let you know, haters. I actually like to get Playmobil there's a lot of themes to get.

Playmobil ha'seret download full movie. Complete ripoff of LEGO movies success just wow. Playmobil: Ha'Seret Download full article on foot. Geez, did they even advertise this movie at all? This is honestly the first I'm hearing about it and. only because it bombed at the box office. apparently. shrugs. Playmobil: Ha'Seret download full. Great production. A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Viewers will be reminded of the power and importance of play. Promotes imaginative play and sibling teamwork and unity. Marla and Charlie must learn to get through their differences, work together. They rediscover joy of play and of teamwork. Marla's storyline encourages travel, risk-taking (within reason), trusting in your own abilities. Positive Role Models & Representations Marla is an attentive, caring big sister who won't stop looking for her brother. She gives up her dreams to raise him. Charlie realizes how much Marla means to him, is selfless as he tries to save his new friends. Del helps, too, even though Marla doesn't have as much gold as she said she did. Rex is a clever, dashing, James Bond-like character. Sad moment when police arrive to announce death of Marla and Charlie's parents. Physical comedy and slapstick. A few battle scenes with catapults, swords, etc. A Roman-style emperor hosts gladiator-style battles to the death featuring the strongest warriors of the universe. In an Old West locale, a sheriff shoots his gun. Rex has a zapper gun he uses to immobilize the enemy. Rex and Marla use a huge ice gun to freeze opponents. Song lyrics include a line about a "silly wench. " Mild language includes "this sucks, " "you kiss your mother with that mouth, " "prehistoric pea brain, " and "scum, " "Jeez, " "son of a... " etc. The entire movie is connected to Playmobil toys, and there are many tie-ins with the movie. Drinking, Drugs & Smoking Adult characters drink what could be alcohol (Vikings toast with steins of beer or ale); a couple of characters end up temporarily unconscious from a sleep serum/drugged drink. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Subscribe User Reviews Adult Written by nduns December 7, 2019 Adult Written by mrazzari October 19, 2019 Not impressed Movie kicks off with "real world" kids who then fall into a fantasy Playmobil world. The kids parents die in a car crash, with no impact on the plot o... Continue reading Teen, 14 years old Written by LeoWilson September 12, 2019 Teen, 13 years old Written by Lainie. R January 11, 2020 Trash I didn't watch this yet and I never will. Looks like absolute trash with bathroom humor and other dumb things. Also a rip off LEGO Movie that didn't g... Continue reading What's the story? In PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE, Brooklyn-raised high school senior Marla ( Anya Taylor-Joy) loves playing with her 6-year-old brother, Charlie ( Gabriel Bateman), but she can't wait to graduate and start traveling the world with her brand-new passport. Then life takes an unexpected turn when tragedy strikes. Four years later, Marla struggles to raise 10-year-old Charlie, who runs off to Manhattan to join a friend but gets sidetracked at a toy convention that features a huge Playmobil display. When Marla tracks her brother down there, they get magically transported into the animated Playmobil universe, where Marla looks basically the same but Charlie looks like a warrior with super strength. The siblings are drawn into a war between pirates, Vikings, and knights, and Charlie is kidnapped at the bequest of Maximus (voiced by Adam Lambert), a Roman-style emperor who hosts gladiator-style battles to the death featuring the strongest warriors of the universe. Now Marla must figure out a way to once again find and rescue her brother. Is it any good? There aren't enough moments of delight, humor, or joy in this toy-based movie, which is likely to bore parents but may well appeal to young kids who enjoy Playmobil sets. After the success of the Lego movies, it's hard not to see Playmobil: The Movie as a completely derivative endeavor that falls far short. In a reverse of the original Lego Movie, this one begins with the live-action part and then transitions into the animated toy world. But this one isn't nearly as clever or funny, the music isn't as catchy, and the set pieces and characters are only vaguely familiar, unless you're an existing (or former) Playmobil fan. All of that said, the talented voice cast saves this from being a completely wasted 90 minutes. While the songs are bland and forgettable, Lambert's Freddie Mercury-esque vocals as the villainous Maximus are fun. (Just don't expect to leave singing the new "it song" of the season. ) The buddy road-trip subplot between Marla and Del is silly, though it lacks sparkling banter and chemistry. But it's still funnier than the parts with Charlie and his fellow imprisoned "gladiators. " Disappointing but not unwatchable, Playmobil feels more like a C-grade copycat than an original idea. Talk to your kids about... Families can talk about how Playmobil: The Movie capitalizes on familiarity with the toy brand. What toy-based movies have worked the best? Does seeing toys in a movie make you want to get them? Why do you think lots of family-targeted movies feature orphans and dead parents? What is it about orphans that make them appealing as characters? Who are your favorite pop culture orphans? Who do you consider a role model in the movie? How do they exhibit character strengths like perseverance and courage? Movie details In theaters: December 6, 2019 On DVD or streaming: March 3, 2020 Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Daniel Radcliffe, Jim Gaffigan Director: Lino DiSalvo Studio: STX Entertainment Genre: Family and Kids Topics: Magic and Fantasy, Princesses, Fairies, Mermaids, and More, Brothers and Sisters Run time: 99 minutes MPAA rating: PG MPAA explanation: action/peril and some language Last updated: March 02, 2020 Themes & Topics Magic and Fantasy See all Princesses, Fairies, Mermaids, and More Brothers and Sisters Our editors recommend Hilarious toy tale plugs product but is nonstop fun. Prequel is fun, with less peril than previous films. Fun, colorful adventure has some peril, lots of great music. Sweet visuals and songs are complicated by mixed messages. Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. See how we rate.

The boy lost his legs the same days as he lost his father.
Made me emotional in d end with a smile on face! Lovely💙✨.
Playmobil ha'seret download full episode.

I watched this movie today on my results day with my friends~ it had a lot of comedy and lightened up everyones mood! Highly reccomend it. This was epic I still feel bad for the dog in the start tho. Playmobil 3a ha secret download full movies. Sometimes I think you're the only real film-critic on youtube. No forced angry review-bullshit. No skits... Thank you so much for your work.

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This is cool and all, but the series should have just ended at Toy Story 3. It was the perfect ending. The Lego Movie rip-off. What's next. Hula Hoop The Movie... Frozen 2 Wins 3rd Weekend as Playmobil Stumbles at the Box Office Dec 8, 2019 STXFilms' Playmobil now has the third-worst domestic opening for a movie rolling out in more than 2, 000 theaters. Playmobil: The Movie Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Frozen 2 This Weekend Ryan Scott Dec 4, 2019 STX Entertainment's Playmobil: The Movie is the only new wide release at the box office this weekend. PlayMobil the Movie Trailer #3 Brings Epic-Sized Adventure for Tiny Toys B. Alan Orange Jul 23, 2019 STX has unleashed an all-new trailer for their upcoming animated adventure Playmobil The Movie, featuring Anya Taylor-Joy and Daniel Radcliffe. New Playmobil Trailer Introduces Daniel Radcliffe as Super Spy Rex Dasher Ryan Scott Apr 16, 2019 Studiocanal has released the first trailer for the upcoming Playmobil: The Movie, which looks to capture some of that LEGO Movie magic. Playmobil: The Movie Trailer Brings The Iconic Toys to Animated Life Kevin Burwick Dec 13, 2018 Studiocanal has released the first trailer for Playmobil: The Movie, introducing a stellar voice cast. Playmobil Movie Gets a New Title as Production Beings Sep 28, 2015 Production has started on Playmobil: Robbers, Thieves and Rebels, with Cross Creek coming aboard to distribute the movie in late 2018. Playmobil Movie Is Happening with The Little Prince Team B. Alan Orange Nov 12, 2014 ON Entertainment, Wild Bunch and Pathe will bring the worldwide toy phenomenon Playmobil to the big screen in an animated movie.

Don't remind me of 2009 CNReal. It makes me really sad, and heartbroken.

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Legit that's Julian California.
Beneath us synonym.
The book broke my heart cuz of the ending.

Beneath us rotten tomatoes. I literally feel as if I watched the whole entire film omg. RApists of California made these. Beneath us فلم. Beneath us subtitle. Beneath us meaning. Beneath us 2019. Beneath usa. Beneath us full movie. Beneath use in sentence. Beneath us (2019) trailer. Beneath us wikipedia. Beneath us trailer spanish. Ehehe, I feel so happy just by listen to this song :vvv.

Deregulation creates jobs because more adult laborers die due to reduced safety, and their positions need to be filled. Beneath us movie 2019 trailer. Beneath us subs. 20 minutes in and its like a poorly directed, acted and scripted Lifetime movie. Im out. Oh yeah Im going go see this. TÉLÉCHARGER LIRE ENGLISH VERSION DOWNLOAD READ Le sol - Une merveille sous nos pieds Télécharger PDF En serrant vos omoplates ensemble, tirez votre corps jusqu'à ce que votre menton soit au-dessus de la barre. Leurs maisons ont été construites sur ce courant et s'appuient dessus, mais la liste des éditeurs capables de faire face au changement est extrêmement courte. Fusion de forme et de design, éblouissant avec la fraîcheur du design; les appartements spacieux servent de sanctuaire privé. Revenez debout et répétez sur la jambe opposée. Suspendus à vingt pieds du sol, l'un après l'autre, étaient les soupapes, ou plutôt les tuyaux qui les contenaient: dix-sept cylindres en acier de trente-cinq tonnes avec des boulons cloutés qui atteignaient horizontalement d'un côté du quarante-deux pieds voûte à l'échelle de l'autre. Ta-Nehisi est aussi très accessible et communicatif et c'est vraiment un coup de pouce qu'il a été si enthousiaste au sujet de mon travail sur la série jusqu'à présent, car comme nous l'avons déjà dit, je souligne la qualité des questions précédentes. En les gardant droits, levez vos bras simultanément jusqu'à ce qu'ils soient parallèles au sol. Croisez vos chevilles sous vos fesses, asseyez-vous sur les pieds et sur le sol, puis étirez vos jambes devant vous. Revenez à squat, puis finissez en sautant et en recommençant tout le processus. C'est tellement difficile pour moi de sortir du livre et de critiquer ma propre création. Bien que le WTC ne soit pas tout pour tout le monde, son achèvement indique que l'Amérique, forte et ambitieuse - la pulsion qui a envoyé les pionniers à l'ouest, a lancé des roquettes sur la lune et nous a conduit à construire des tours en acier qui ont percé les nuages. est intact. Tous les deux m'ont tellement effrayé qu'il y a 17 ans, j'ai décidé de déménager en Californie, parce que les tremblements de terre étaient très avantageux. (Il s'avère que la décision était super, même si je l'ai fait pour des raisons stupides. ). Vous décidez d'acheter définitivement cette bande dessinée et de voir qui ils sont. LA FIN. e) Quoi? Non, pourquoi voudriez-vous même être un abruti. Mais il existe certainement des alternatives disponibles, et plus nous les utilisons et que nous tournons le dos aux entreprises de services internet actuelles, plus elles seront des alternatives viables pour un plus grand nombre de personnes. J'ai ramassé quelques ratés ici et là, mais au moins avec illimité je peux lire un chapitre ou 2 et si je ne l'aime pas je ne me sens pas mal de le laisser tomber. Voyez ce qui arrive quand un homme tombe amoureux de sa machine préférée. Il devait reconnaître la tragédie dont il était issu tout en servant d'affirmation triomphante de la résilience de la nation face à elle. Sa popularité parmi les fans de bandes dessinées ne s'est jamais démentie, mais le personnage, pour diverses raisons, n'a jamais fait partie de la culture populaire ou des écrans de cinéma, bien qu'il soit bientôt rectifié avec un nouveau film avec Chadwick Boseman le rôle principal. Les tours étincelantes et les dômes de verre du royaume évoquent les extraordinaires structures modernistes qui ont fleuri dans les nations nouvellement libres dans l'exubérance de l'indépendance, comme le centre d'exposition international des soucoupes volantes du Ghana, ou la tour blanche brillante de l'hôtel Ivoire en Côte d'Ivoire. S'ils ne sont pas installés correctement, ils ne fonctionnent pas du tout.

Everyone out hear like: loved the book not impressed by the trailer. I didnt like the book but I have hopes for this film. Beneath the crust. Beneath us 2018. That intro is FANTASTIC. The steady build up of the drums combined with the chanting is so well done. It gives me goosebumps every time. For some reason that part in particular reminds me of something Martin O'Donnel could have composed for one of Bungie's Halo games (perhaps minus the bagpipes, but still. That is high praise coming from me. Freakin cool track, my man. Hoosiers ‘20. Beneath us netflix.

Beneath us reaction. En partenariat avec Le Monde, retrouvez chaque jour les articles Planète et Sciences dans le quotidien et sur Pour nombre de spécialistes, il constitue un « patrimoine de l’humanité », une merveille qui nous offre vie et richesse. De sa composition à ses petits habitants, en passant par les chemins de l’eau dans le sol, son rôle en tant que ‘capteur’ de carbone ou encore sa biodiversité que l’on imagine plus qu’on ne l’a connaît véritablement, des chercheurs nous en livre les secrets connus à ce jour. Deux d’entre eux sont avec nous, pour en parler, Christian Feller, directeur de recherche émérite (en Science du Sol) de l’Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), et Ghislain de Marsily, professeur émérite (géologie appliquée et hydrologie) à l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), tous les deux co-auteurs du livre Le sol une merveille sous nos pieds paru chez Belin. le Monde Et puis en seconde partie d’émission, vers 16h45, dans « Les Echos de la terre », en partenariat avec le service Planète-Science du Monde, dont les contenus sont à retrouver chaque jour dans le quotidien et sur le site, nous reviendrons sur un colloque qui s’est tenu à L’Académie des sciences. Son thème: « Développement durable, changement climatique et éducation »; et c’est Yvon Le Maho, écophysiologiste à l'Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien de Strasbourg, directeur de recherche au CNRS, membre de l'Académie des sciences, et David Wilgenbus, astrophysicien, responsable de la production pédagogique des ressources à la Fondation La Main à La Pâte, qui viendront en rendre compte, riches de leurs propres expériences de terrain en la matière. La phrase que vous faites vôtre Le mythe de Sisyphe: Les dieux avaient condamné Sisyphe à rouler sans cesse un rocher jusqu'au sommet d'une montagne d'où la pierre retombait par son propre poids. (Ghislain de Marsily) “Les vers de terre s'enfoncent dans le sol pour ne pas tomber amoureux des étoiles. ” d'Yvan Audouard (Christian Feller) Revue du web de l'environnement Pour suivre l’actualité environnementale au fil des jours, consultez l’univers Netvibes d’Anne Gouzon de la Documentation de Radio France (Utilisez de préférence Firefox ou Google chrome) Netvibes - L’ACTUALITÉ ENVIRONNEMENTALE Découvrez aussi des initiatives écolos et solidaires sur son Twitter: Initiavertes Pour aller plus loin en quelques clics Une initiative lancée par le ministère de l’Agriculture en 2015: 4 pour 1000, vise à montrer que l’agriculture, et en particulier les sols agricoles, peuvent jouer un rôle crucial pour la sécurité alimentaire et le changement climatique. En s’appuyant sur une documentation scientifique solide, cette initiative invite tous les partenaires à faire connaître ou mettre en place les actions concrètes sur le stockage du carbone dans les sols et le type de pratiques pour y parvenir (agro-écologie, agroforesterie, agriculture de conservation, de gestion des paysages…). Il faut un demi-siècle pour reconstituer une population de vers de terre! L’analyse du sol du « Jardin sans pétrole » (Limousin) a montré une fragilité de sa population de vers de terre, due vraisemblablement à un trop grand usage de produits chimiques par le passé. REPORTERRE, 05/11/2016 OPVT - L’Observatoire participatif des vers de terre Cet observatoire propose une méthode simplifiée d’observation et de comptage des vers de terre, indicateurs de la qualité des sols. En s’adressant à toutes les personnes volontaires pour l’observation de ces magroorganismes du sol, il va permettre de rassembler et d’analyser les observations collectées au niveau national. Cette démarche est réalisée par l’Observatoire de Rennes (OSUR CNRS) et se fait en collaboration avec le Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (CERSP, UMR 7204) dans le cadre d’un projet d’observatoire de la biodiversité ordinaire en milieu agricole. Une initiative citoyenne européenne People 4 Soil: L’appel du sol relayée par France Nature Environnement pour que l'Union européenne votent une directive de protection des sols. Le "Plus": la FAO publie un nouvel outil qui ouvre enfin les portes du financement carbone au secteur laitier Jusqu'à présent, faute de méthodologie capable de calculer les crédits et de certifier la réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre, le financement climatique et les marchés du carbone étaient fermés au secteur laitier. La création d’un nouvel outil par la FAO (Organisation des Nations unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture) vient combler ce vide et établir des standards au niveau mondial. La FAO explique «qu’il s'agira par exemple, de modifier la composition alimentaire ou les pratiques alimentaires, ou encore d'améliorer l'efficacité énergétique de l'équipement ». Selon elle, « cette démarche devrait également permettre d'attirer de nouveaux financements dans l'industrie du bétail et contribuera à promouvoir les investissements dans des initiatives familiales ». Une vache se fait traire par un système de traite robotisé dans une ferme assistée par des robots, le 24 septembre 2010 à Bréhan • Crédits: DAMIEN MEYER - AFP Adressé aux petits producteurs laitiers, cet outil «s'attaque à deux principaux défis rencontrés dans le secteur agricole de nos jours: la nécessité de rendre l'agriculture plus productive et d'augmenter les rendements, tout en diminuant son empreinte carbone», relève la FAO. Cette méthodologie a été certifiée par Gold Standard, un organisme indépendant qui évalue les projets liés au climat et s'assure qu'ils contribuent véritablement à réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre et ce, dans le cadre du Mécanisme pour un développement propre de l'ONU. Cette nouvelle méthodologie et un petit pas de plus vers les réductions d’émissions de gaz à effet de serre, pour rappel, celles issues de la production de lait varient largement de par le monde. Certains pays ont des systèmes de production qui n'émettent pas plus d'1, 7 kg de dioxyde de carbone par kilogramme de lait (CO2e/kg), tandis que d'autres en émettent cinq fois plus et atteignent les 9 kg de dioxyde de carbone pour chaque kilogramme de lait. C’est pourquoi la FAO souligne « l'impact considérable que les différentes méthodes de production peuvent avoir sur les émissions de carbone ainsi que l'opportunité de pouvoir véritablement atténuer les effets du changement climatique ». Télécharger la méthodologie: Smallholder dairy methodology. Draft Methodology for Quantification of GHG Emission Reductions from Improved Management in Smallholder Dairy Production Systems using a Standardized Baseline. Le "Moins": «Pesticides: pas de protection pour les riverains» signé Martine Valo Totalement en échos avec notre thème du sol, il s’intéresse à un arrêté préparé par le gouvernement pour fixer les règles d’épandage des produits phytosanitaires. Sur ce dossier épineux, il fut jugé bon de satisfaire les agriculteurs et d’oublier les riverains qui auraient dû bénéficier au moins d’une bande de sécurité autour de leurs habitations, idem pour les écoles et maisons de retraite… Une occasion ratée pour la France, gros consommateur de pesticides, de se distinguer par le haut, face à une opinion publique de plus en plus consciente des dangers de l’environnement chimique pour sa santé. Vue prise, le 05 avril 2004 à Gamaches-en-Vexin, d'un épandeur dans un champ de blé. • Crédits: JEAN-PIERRE MULLER Lire l’article (en entier pour les abonnés du Monde): Pesticides: pas de protection pour les riverains, Le 7 novembre 2016, Martine Valo En partenariat avec le service Planète-Science du Monde.

Coming in 2060: The Fast And The Aging. Nearing the end of their lives, the team pimp out their wheelchairs for one last race. Beneath us mitis. I see this trailer/movie as being a missed opportunity for little Brian to be wearing a white tank top! SMH. Plot twist: The whole thing is all in his head. the zombies, the girl. hence the title “alone”. Mitis beneath us arctic empire. I need a mitis + two thirds smash up in my life. Beneath us 2020 trailer. Beneath us the movie. Beneath us subtitles. Beneath the willow kenna white. Beneath us release date. Beneath us phim. Beneath using. Beneath us airways. Disgusting - no, not because these people are physically disabled, because they are as rotten inside as everyone else. You think that pain and suffering may teach you something, but they're as shallow as the rest...

If you watched the entire 90 minutes of this movie, pat yourself on the back. Terrible. terrible. terrible. Every time Paul Sorvino talks I keep waiting for him to say Why the hell am I in this stupid movie. So did he get out of prison and start killing kids again? This is too low budget, won't watch. Beneath us book. Beneath us srt. Beneath us spoilers.

Nothing like that happens... Beneath us about us. Beneath us film.


Hopefully he didn't hang himself and this is all his afterlife. Beneath us trailer 2019. Beneath us 2019 full movie. Beneath us meme. Ghosts beneath us.


Coauthor: Fantastic Fungi
Biography: Support our climate changing, bee-saving film about mushrooms, by @LouieFilms featuring @PaulStamets & produced by @LynnieLyn.


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Full Movie Watch Full Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story





Sport, Documentary. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story is a movie starring Kenny Sailors, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant. Jump Shot uncovers the inspiring true story of Kenny Sailors, the proclaimed developer of the modern day jump shot in basketball. 1 h 13 minutes. . Writed by Thaddeus D. Matula, Jacob Hamilton.

Basketball was invented in Canada. It was invented by a Canadian Next time before posting something, do ur research. It was intended in Canada. Actually BasketBall was invented a 1000 years ago by the Mayans and the Aztecs. They played with a rubber ball. Mr. Naismith just added the final ingredients to make Basketball what it is today. Great man.  A true role model to the students and athletes who have had the honor to meet him. I know my student-athletes enjoyed meeting him last year.

Watch full jumpshot 3a the kenny sailors story of seasons. Intro: WW2 was the deadliest war in all of history... It grew out of ancient and unordinary feelings. Anger, vigilance, the lust for power, and the thirst for revenge of the victors of WW1, but it ended because of courage, perseverance, selflessness, and the hunger for freedom, in which all of it was linked with unimaginable chaos and brutality, in order to change the course of human events and history. WW2 showed the best and the worst of humankind in a generation. In the slaughter that coveted the world, over 70 million people died, so many and in so many different places that the real number of casualties will never be determined. However, half of those that perished, in the killings that engulfed the world, were civilians. Innocent men, women, and children were obliterated by the horrors of war. More than 85 million men and women served in uniform, but without the sacrifice of those men and women in uniform, the wars outcome would've been completely different. The following stories are from those that were in service during WW2, and how that cataclysmic event changed their lives My name is Charles Vellema. I was born and raised in Brandon, Wisconsin, and my parents are Pete and Tina Vellema. I have two younger sisters Ellis and Florence. I went to Westbrick School, in the town of Springvale. Then I went to Willowcreek, in the town of Waupun. I graduated from eighth grade and then worked on the farm I lived in. ‘Till I was about eighteen worked with my dad. And then, I think I went to the shoe factory, Ideal Shoe Factory in Waupun. Worked for board at home and worked in the shoe factory from 8:00 (a. m. ) till 4:00 (p. ), whatever…, 13 cents an hour. No, $13 a week was paid. I soon had to register for the draft, in ‘38 I guess it was, and then I was drafted on July 29th. There were three, four boys from Waupun that went from Waupun to Milwaukee. Their names are Glen Towne and Ben Loomans and Ken Kohlman. I went by bus to Milwaukee and there we were examined and had to pass a physical. Kenny Kohlman, who was probably the one that wanted to go in the service the most, he didn’t pass the physical, so he went back home to Waupun and the rest of us went. I was drafted from 1941 to 1945. I was in the Infantry, so I went to infantry training. I think, maybe, Ben Loomans became a policeman when he came home because I think he was in the military police during service. As for Glen Towne he must have been a truck driver, because he was a truck driver back in civilian life. I had basic training in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I remember hearing about Pearl Harbor when I was in the barracks. It was on Sunday about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, North Carolina time. We had an old radio. The barracks were new, but they were built like a barn. They had like a beam that ran from end to end about six, eight inches wide, and we had an old radio. The plastic cover was all off of it, so we just had the tubes. Mostly everybody was gone on Sunday. I remember being in there, and then news came over that Pearl Harbor had been attacked, so that kind of changed the picture because the next morning all these older men, about thirty-four years older and up that were in service, they had their bags all packed, and they were going to go home Monday morning, so when they were released for home, that was quite a commotion. I guess eventually they didn’t leave, but I don’t know, they were released after maybe a year or so. After Pearl Harbor we stayed at Fort Bragg and kept training in Fort Bragg. By that time we were put in divisions, Regular Army divisions, and Fort Bragg was the 9th Infantry Division. That’s where I was in, the 47th Infantry Regiment, I guess they called it. Then the 9th Division was the whole thing and included all the rifle and artillery and tank platoons. We had lots of training because first we thought we’re gonna be in half-tracks. This was before Pearl Harbor. Then they switched us from that to Landing craft. So we had the big rope ladders on the fifty-foot board wall. We had to climb up and down that ‘till you could do it pretty good; up and down, up and down. ‘Cause that is the same thing that we had when we got off the ship. So we did lots of training. We went through Virginia, the beaches off Virginia, in what is the Chesapeake Bay. Soon after I went to Camp Grant, Illinois. From there I went to Camp Wheeler in Macon, Georgia. This was in the end of July so you can imagine the temperature in Macon, Georgia, at that time. I think we all lost a few pounds in a hurry. We sweat day and night. There we had a lot of close order drill and we finally got to use the rifles and all that. For weapons training we had the ‘03 first bolt action Springfield, like they used in World War I, but we would later receive the. 45, and the M-1 Garand. We were mostly a rifle platoon, for we had three rifle platoons in the company total, and then the last company had a larger platoon, so they had a few machine guns,. 50 caliber machine guns to be exact and they also had some mortars. In a rifle platoon we just had rifles and revolvers. That’s when the Garand came out, in which I think it is the most amazing rifle ever designed by man. We had lots and lots of target practice. All day long we had a box of ammunition, so you could just shoot all day long at targets. We really learned how to use a rifle. On November of ‘42, we landed in North Africa. It took us twenty-one days and what they did, with the whole army, was give them all the equipment that we needed—all the supplies that we needed, for I don’t know how many days, all the ammunition, all the food was on, I think it was some two hundred ships, that was in this flotilla. And this was right in the thick of the German Submarine Warfare that was going on. And we could go all day long, for we’d be going until the sun would set; get up the next morning, then all day long we’d go with the sun behind us. They just did that, they said we zigzagged for twenty-one days so the enemy never was sure where we were gonna end up. Every now and then they had to shut everything off because they had detected the submarine in amongst us. And it must really have been something to see all that many ships, all sizes. We had little ships there smaller than a destroyer, and what they call a smaller one? They’d go zigzagging through there, and then everything would stop and they would drop depth charges. Then we would take off again. Now this was in North Africa. Most people don’t know there was a battle of North Africa. Where we landed, I think, must be that Hitler wanted control of the Mediterranean Sea, and our particular landing was in Safi, French Morocco. That’s on the Atlantic side. There was two other companies and us landed in French Morocco, in Safi. The rest of them went through to Algiers and Casablanca, landed all along the coastline. There was that French Foreign Legion, because France was under German rule at that time, so our enemy was the French Foreign Legion, partly for they were there then. Then there was the Italians. And we were really fortunate; the Germans had just had maneuvers in that area and they left about a day or so before we got there. And when we landed…, I don’t know, I couldn’t tell you how we were still on the boats going over, for German subs were still circling the seas. We got off from our troopships by throwing the ropes over the side. And then we climbed down. Some of us had ground swell. I don’t know if most of you ever saw ground swell, if you were in the Navy then you saw it. They would be like forty feet high, and our ship would go up on there, and the destroyer, we loaded onto destroyers. The little thing, the destroyer, would be down here, we were up there, and when the two would get together then Navy sailors would grab a hold of us and pulled us onto the destroyer. And then we would go back up and down. But we didn’t lose a man. There was two destroyers, L Company on one, and then there was K Company on the other. I was with L Company in the 9th Infantry Division. It was the day when we loaded up supplies onto the beach when early in the morning or at night, it was dark, our battleships opened fire. I think we had red or green. Anyway, there was red shells going one way and the green shells were going the other way, and we were underneath the ground in fox-holes because from shore they were firing out at the enemy battleships one way, and they were firing towards the enemy inland fortifications the other way, so we had to go underneath. At Safi we had a big breakwater and big long piers because at the piers, ships loaded and unloaded. And we went out because they must have had, gates or submarine nets or whatever. After that we got our concealed orders. Our mission was to protect the power plant. And it was kind of dark when we got there. And I don’t know how many men I had with me, but that was our mission, so we couldn’t let the enemy destroy the power. When we was scouting out the area around neighboring towns there was a tent, and there must have been eight or ten Arabs in that tent. Well, they didn’t know us and we didn’t know them. All we had on, for identification, was a U. S. flag sewed onto our clothes, so they knew what that was for. I didn’t know whether to shoot ‘em or what to do with them. We just sort of went in there, and they mumbled and we mumbled; we just kept them from doing any harm. Then we got them all outside, but the other guys were all fighting, we could hear their rifles, but we didn’t have to fire a shot. Then there were some fighting further away we could hear them firing there rifles. They was where the French Foreign Legion was. But I later learned what happened; the officers of the French Foreign Legion knew that there was going to be a landing, and they had a big party the night before so most of the soldiers were so drunk they didn’t know what was going on that morning. And then, after we landed, we had to have trenches, and foxholes like I told you. The French had trenches already there too. But then the Arabs used that as their own or for a resting area or whatever you wanna call it. So the next morning before that, the U. commanders said if you hear an airplane it is not ours because we don’t have any, not at that particular time. So the next morning, sure enough, here we heard an airplane. We all dove in our foxholes, and the commanders just laughed, “Yeah, what a mess! ” But then they dropped bombs and there was steel sheds, in which men were hiding in, a ways from where we were and the plane went right over us. I could see the plane just as clear as could be. It was an Italian. It was real low. You could see the…, just the bottom of it just as nice. And they dropped the bombs, and my best buddy was killed. He was further back. He was our first sergeant from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, which is approximately eighteen miles northeast of Waupun. He kind of watched over me before we ever got over there. But then he was killed that day. The shell fragment hit him, and the bombs went off pretty close to us, but close enough that all the shell fragments flew away. But that is what they said, “If you hear an airplane, that is not us. ” So that was our first experience in seeing any action. And after that we stayed there maybe a month because when we started walking, in December, we only had one truck, and the kitchen was loaded in the truck. They had a general of our 47th Infantry, and he said, “Instead of hauling all of your asses, you walk from now until March. You’ll be hardened in and you’ll be ready for action. ” So that is what we did. And we couldn’t walk across Spanish Morocco because they were neutral, so he loaded us in trucks to get us through there. They wouldn’t allow us to walk across Spanish Morocco. And then while we were walking we heard news about the bazooka and how it came out, so they said they needed six sergeants. They picked up from the regiment, and I happened to be one of the lucky ones. So they loaded six of us with a ton of rocket ammunition and a rocket launcher iin a DC-3 Plane. The 1st Army Division (The Big Red One) that had been fighting against Rommel who was a German and a pretty famous general, fought all the way in Africa against the British and he was coming. So they loaded us up and that was the 1st Army Division that was fighting Rommel at the time, and they nearly got wiped out completely because they had the old tanks that had the turret on the side that was stationary, and the Germans just wiped them out completely. And then that’s where we went up there with this bazooka that you had to get in about a one hundred and fifty feet of the tank to knock it out. And all you could do was, you had to be sure to shoot ‘em on this flat side of the tank between the tracks, on the top and the bottom of the track, and get it right in through there for the bazooka rocket would go through there. So we got up there and we had to demonstrate how to use the bazooka. They flew us and we stayed overnight. Landed one night on somewhere in the desert. We were right in the desert. And the next day they landed a little closer, but they never shut the engines off on the plane. We got out and as quick as we could get to the ground the plane was gone. And then there we were with no other transportation, except… I don’t know, right at that time I didn’t know how we did get from there to… I supposed the 1st Army Division had transportation for us. We loaded our rocket ammunition up and when we were flying on the DC-3’s we flew through the mountains and valleys between the mountains because they had fighter planes around then, and it was so crooked that a fighter plane couldn’t fly straight through there, so we flew below the mountain peaks with the DC-3. One time there was such a change in the air pressure that the plane dropped. It dropped faster than the cargo in the plane and there was quite a crash when the ton of ammunition boxes hit the bottom of the plane. And we thought the thing would go right down through. Then that night when we landed the Arabs were there to help you and sell you something. They told us we weren’t that far from a little town where the fighting was. Now, their word for eggs was erfs, and we got to know that. So we followed them and walked to that town in the dark and then back to the planes in the morning, and had some erfs and wine. And the next morning we took off and went up to the front lines. Then after we got done up there, instructing the use of bazookas, we got back to our unit, and the transportation officer said, “You got to get on this train. It’s an old forty and eight. ” It means eight mules and forty men can ride in this little box car. Forty and eight. You see that, I think, when you have the American Transportation Legion doing things, there’s forty and eight signs posted in all around the site and faster travel to different camps. Directors and officers assist us, like the one I was chatting to who told me, “You stay in this car and eventually it will get you back to your unit. ” We didn’t have much food. A few K-rations or whatever, and straw in the bottom of a cantine. I don’t know what we used for a restroom because it was just a railcar, unless they had one corner or something like that. We got out of that town, and I don’t know how many days it took us on the train. And it was cold, too. It was in December, and no heat. This was in the winter of ‘42, from December until March. So first I flew up to the front lines and then back on the rail car, and then I walked over the same territory again to get back to the front lines. But then things got interesting ‘cause Christmas was approaching, and we had been up there and we was coming back by train, and we got in Algiers and I was all by myself, because there was only six of us and when each one of us was in this box car then, of course we were all together, but when I got to Algiers I wondered where I could go, so I wandered around by myself, and I found a Red Cross sign, that directed me to a big, tall, two or three story Red Cross building or whatever. I visited there a lot and met a red cross women and a few of my fellow wounded servicemates. However, on Christmas day, I went there and that was a big, tall, two or three story building, and there was the Red Cross woman and she told me that I could spend the night there, so that’s what I did, slept on the marble floor. That was Christmas, Christmas night. The next day I went back and found the train and then got it and went back. Afterwards we hooked up with the outfit. That was quite an experience before we ever got to fighting. Then, in March, we joined the British Army; then we had British rations to live on. So that’s when my division joined the fighting in North Africa. We were under Bradley, General Bradley. In Alexandria, Egypt. But there was, fighting was just as bad there as any other place. We lost lots of men. That’s where I got the Bronze Star. We lost one whole battalion to the Germans, must have been just like a mountain pass, and then to let them walk into there; and that’s the last they ever saw of that bunch of men. It was Kasserine; it was right in that area. That scuffle took up until Mother’s Day of a ‘43, yeah, we got out of Tunisia, and loaded onto the boats and went to Sicily. Anyways at Tunisia, Bizerte, there were a lot of soldiers that didn’t want to give up, I suppose they were German soldiers, and they just walked out into the ocean there off the beach, and our airplanes were just strafing them back and forth. There was thousands of soldiers at Tunisia, Bizerte, so that was what they did after we had captured Tunisia. They walked right in and it was awful; the slaughter. The Germans didn’t want to give up, but the Italians, they gave up by the thousands. Then we went from there to Palermo, Sicily, and that night at Palermo we got bombed all night long. I don’t know how they missed our boat. There was ships burning. Then they had little, I can’t think of the name of them little ships that laid smoke screens. They tried to keep the fire from showing from up above. We survived that one. Then we landed at the coast, so we got off of the devil and pushed up there, and that was the strategy for fighting in Sicily. Then we had Berlin Betty, she was the propaganda gal from Germany. She knew every move that we made. She’d come over the radio. She’d tell us where we were and where we were going. She’d say, “Don’t think you’re going to win. You’re getting paid in Pounds just to land troops in England. ” You see, she knew we were going to England. After we took Sicily, we were waiting right on the airport in case they were needed in Italy. We were right there and everything was ready in an instant. We could get on a plane and fly into Italy. When everything ended there, we were all sent into England. Then we knew what the next thing was. If you all were wondering, I wasn’t involved in D-Day, I had mumps about a month or so before that so I was in the hospital. So that saved me. Our unit was in D-Day though, and most of them had trouble coping with what had happened that day, for they lost a lot that day. Because we had experience in landings before, for had been in Sicily and other places, we were in the back-up or the reserve forces, so we were not in the initial landing. Then, they took released me out of the hospital and the commanders put our reserve force in tents out in the country. Eventually we reentered the fighting there was lots of reception centers, or whatever you call it, and we would go there and then they would fly us over to France, to St. Lo, which was a town our unit had just taken, and now they had gone up to Cherbourg, France and then they were on the way back to St. Lo. so the plane landed near St. Lo and I got off there. Then I got back to my unit. But that day they were flying the planes, our planes, and they were bombing the Germans. They didn’t have the means we do today, but they’d put markers out so the airplanes would fly in and drop smoke bombs where the markers were placed, which was where the bombers should drop the bombs. Well, that day we had a good strong wind coming inland, and where they landed me the smoke was going over us and went all the way back to our supply regiment. And they were, our own planes, bombing our own men and even getting our headquarters. So I had trouble getting over horrifying that situation. After I hooked up with my unit in St. Lo, I got to be in charge of my platoon. It only had a few soldiers left, so I requested for some new ones. My request was granted, so the new boys went all the way to St. Lo from Normandy, and I led my unit up to Cherbourg and back down to St. And that’s where I met up with our regular 9th Infantry Division, and the 47th, my own company and my own soldiers that were under me. A few of them had been killed up in Cherbourg, but there were some more on the way. That’s where I got under General George S. Patton. There we loaded on tanks, we road on the outside of tanks, and he just said, “With your blood and my guts, we can do anything. ” So we did, we went through France. They said we had more German soldiers behind us than we had in front of us. We just cut a swath right through there. He was a good leader, he was some fighter. They said at one time, probably all of you heard it too, that he stopped the ambulances and said his tanks had to go through. Whether that was true or not, I don’t know. I imagine it was, ‘cause the ambulances were in his way so he told them to get out of his way and let his tanks through. So then in July when we got to the Meuse River. Afterwards we went through France and Belgium, and that was an awful thing to see ‘cause when we’d go through these towns they had an American flag and a German flag, so when the Germans were in town or went through town they’re all waving the German flags, then if the Americans come through they were all out waving the American flags. We had lots of skirmishes there, with bombings or shelling. Then we got from France to Belgium and to the Meuse River separating Belgium from Germany. And we crossed the Meuse River, and that’s when I got hit. Big shells from the Siegfried Line could reach us then, so that’s when the thought of my life ending really hit me, and I thought that it was the end of it for me, but I was tended to as we crossed the river in that boat, and then we landed to some higher ground, and there was some trees. Whether the shells hit the trees or they were trapped with time bombs set to go off or what. We had just did something we were told which was to never bunch up, so there was four or five of us. We got a trench or foxhole dug so we could sit and put our feet down. I think there were four or five of us. Anyway, they were all killed except me. The Germans pounded our position with shells, and my best buddy died there. So after that my whole left side was all full of shrapnel, and there’s still some tiny pieces of shrapnel in there to this day. I consider it a little lucky that the shrapnel didn’t hit any vital organs, as the medics told me. I spotted some more that were injured but they could walk. Then the officer said to me, “Can you remember where we crossed the river? ” I responded yes, and he ordered me to take these two wounded men with me and to see if I can find where I crossed, and if I managed to do so then I’d find a First Aid station and the medics there would get us back to the field hospital. I was pretty good that way about remembering, I could always remember directions and where to go. I don’t remember how we got back to the river and just how we got back across. There must have been a boat there because I remember waking up on a boat, and the two guys I got back with, I had one guy on each arm during the hike back to the river, were older fellas, and when we got back to the First Aid station, or maybe they called it the army hospital, they put me on a stretcher because I had an ankle that was injured and shrapnel in my body. In the field hospital they started operating on taking all the shrapnel out of m body. Then I was on a stretcher, and I heard that I had helped the other guys all the way back to the river where I passed out due to loss of blood, and they put me on a stretcher, and moved me into the boat, and the two took me to the hospital where I stayed there for two or three weeks, I guess. Another interesting thing was when we left the field hospital, we had to go to England. When we got to Fabroche Hospital outside of Paris, France, there was hundreds of ambulances on this airport waiting. They were all in different lines, and we saw that ambulances on one side of us were moving and then we saw them moving on the other side. We didn’t have a driver in ours so we were just sitting there. And after a while somebody opens up the back of the ambulance and says, “ Sprechen sie Deutsch? ”. Here we were inside of this damn ambulance, in which the dumb driver had left us in the row for the Germans. Now we didn’t have any clothing on besides an army blanket around our waists, and we didn’t have any identification of any kind, but somehow we got back to England. I recuperated in England in July. Afterwards, we trained troops which were mainly recruits from the States, and England. Now in December of ‘44, the winter after D-Day, we were still training troops, but this was right at that time the Battle of the Bulge was going on. After we trained the troops in our unit, they were sent to France to help stop the German counter-attack. They fought all the way through to the end of the war. Well, all the way through Germany. It seemed that if the officers needed something done the first chance they have to get it, that’s what our unit we training was meant to do, be the first responders to the officer’s call. Eventually I entered the 1st Division from Texas, they were the number one division, and we were in reserve for them. So they were better than my original 9th Division ‘cause they were number one. The Red Arrow, or The Big Red One. Our symbol or emblem or whatever had an emerald green circle with a red ‘1’ insignia on the circle, and the red ‘1’ was outlined with white. That’s what made us the Big Red One. Oh, I forgot to mention, that’s where all our officers came from to train us when we was in Wisconsin in the States. Yes, the officers that trained us were from the Big Red One in Texas. Anyways after I entered the reserves of the Big Red One, that’s when things must have been winding down or something. The last group, that was something else, for they brought two hundred GI’s that had been locked up in prison for just minor things, but they were all prisoners, yah know. They brought those two hundred in one group and put them, and they stayed in their barracks, for they didn’t stay with us in our barracks, they were in their own. And they had some good old times out there. But they minded pretty good. And we trained them, and they were good soldiers. And when they were all done, the first lieutenant says, “Now you can all take a furlough, ” and give them passes to London. And we thought, “Well, that will be the last we’ll ever see of them. ” I think all but one or two of ‘em actually did go and came back. So from there and then we came back to one reception center after another and then came home. Flew home. We were the last plane to come home because they divided us up into planeloads. From Birmingham, England, then we went to Scotland, and Scotland was where the planes left for the States. And they had Quonset huts in Scotland. And each Quonset had just a planeload of soldiers or any troops that were ready to go home. We flew back. The nurses and officers, if they had a rank over us, could bump us. And then they could go and, of course, everyone gradually got bumped and then got put in a different plane. So eventually there were only thirteen of us left. And we’d been there for a few weeks. However, a few days later we leave on a big four engine plane. We would just jump from Scotland to, Iceland or Greenland because we stopped at each one when we needed fuel. But there was only thirteen on the great big four engine thing. And they said that was the last plane that was flying out from there and no more would go back. However, the war was still going on in Japan when I returned home, but after we dropped the two atomic bombs on the Japs, I knew like the rest of our country, that the war was over. And it was ‘cause I remember going to the theater and watching, Movietone News’ film strip about the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan, and then they showed Japan surrendering to us on one of our Naval Vessels. Afterwards, in my point of view, our whole country went wild with celebration. All the streamers, the booze, and the cheering of families. As for me, I was just glad that awful Hell of war was over, but yeah I’m still classified as disabled, twenty percent or whatever. I have a few pieces of shrapnel right in the bone of my ankle, but I’m still breathing. I want to thank each and every one of you for listening to my experience, and I hope you all, who took your time off to listen to this, especially all the other Veterans like myself, have a very nice day.

The inventor was in Mayan/Aztec. They had the basket side way and would kick the ball into the Hole. Through evolution of sport the White man change it up. Birthplace of all things awesome. Donald Trump is awesome now I guess. Listen to what he says and be respectfull. Watch Full Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 2. Watch Full Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 4. I noticed they did not mention at all he was a pastor a man of God. Watch Full Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 7. Thanks for showing us the journey. Don't ever be the before and after guy like most YouTubers. Watch Full Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story. Watch Full Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 3.

For a second I thought it was kenny smith. Lol. This video was made to be purposely provocative in an effort to strip Canada of any credit for the development of the game. No wonder you only have 5k subscribes. You have zero credibility. Nice try. Tucker Carlson called. He wants the page you ripped out of his book back. Coloured people werent aloud to play basketball at that time. A must video if you want to know who/how/why the Jump Shot was created? A real interesting look into the Hall of Fame.  The most important one.  :D. Watch Full Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors storyid. Watch full jump shot the kenny sailors story. Hey Kenny... where you at? 😆. Kenny, great video, we all fall sometimes. Love your positivity! If you haven't, try Intermittent fasting! Cheers mate.

Was invented in CANADA NOT AMERICA. Intermittent Fasting with 2-6 hrs or 8 hrs max window to eat is Healing. my husband and I am doing for 4months already and this is a Healthy life style till the end. my husband is Off meds and my arthritis is gone. we do not pain to come back. Thank you for Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Steven Gundry... ADVANCE TICKETS / Philadelphia / Ritz Five Handicap Accessible No Discount Tickets Accepted No Passes Hard of Hearing 7:00 PM Behind the shot you know is the American story you’ll never forget. Experience the inspiring all-American true story of Kenny Sailors, the developer of the modern-day jump shot in the global sport of basketball. From collegiate all-American and NCAA national champion, to pro basketball star, Kenny faded into the Alaska wilderness to be forgotten by the sport he helped pioneer. Sixty years later, he emerges through his most passionate supporters—Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Clark Kellogg, Bob Knight, Lou Carnesecca, Kiki Vandeweghe, Nancy Lieberman, Chip Engelland, Tim Legler, Fennis Dembo, David Goldberg and a host of other basketball and sport legends—in an effort to recognize Kenny in the Naismith Hall of Fame and tell the story of his impact on basketball, his country, and the people who knew him best.

Watch full jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story tiktok. Sports radio 1310 the Ticket in Dallas - Norm and Donnie doo brought me here. Watch Full Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 8. Who are the 32 dislikes... Great job keeping up the fight, brother! I'm right there with you! Sending hugs! 🤗😘💜. Watch full jumpshot 3a the kenny sailors story explained. Everyone stop saying it was made in canada it was made in america but a canadian made it so its a american sport 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷.

Stop arguing, lets just thank this guy. Watch full jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story tv. Cant wait to see it! Good luck Ty.

Not informitive. Isint basketball invited in Canada. That's sweet. He got the idea from the aztecs play tradition. He probably helped the shorter people get to the NBA. Watch full jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story data. C A N A D I A N I N V E N T I O N. What is this guy talking about it was in Canada.





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